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Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Revival | 0 comments

The Vision of The Bridge

(The Bridge)

Here is what I saw, I was driving in my vehicle and I was meditating on the Lord. I looked to my right in a field and saw some trees but they looked like they transformed into a bridge, the bridge was like the old time bridges with the many bars going up around it. The spirit spoke to me and said watch for the bridge, be looking for it. Be listening to the spirit he will guide your eyes to it. Many will come from different directions but will cross the same bridge. Some will not pass to the other side because they will not be watching for it. If we will listen and keep eyes open we will pass to the other side. The side to something great, deeper depths, a new freshness a new exciting place with the Lord. It has to be crossed to reach what the church has been longing to see.

I studied it out more and this is what I got. Bridge means support or way (Hebrew: a crossing place.) Bridges rank right up there with the wheel and other useful inventions. They get us across safely over treacherous bodies of water from brooks to bays, dry to the other side. When we talk about the bible there were human bridges like Abraham, Moses ( children of Israel out of Egypt), Joseph was a bridge between the chaos in Canaan to the opening for the Israelites, John the Baptist (I must decrease while he increases) preparing the way for Jesus.

These figures in the Bible stand with one foot in the time period drawing to a close and the other in an era just beginning.

They help us make the transition effortlessly without falling into the water getting in over our heads and drowning. Jesus the bridge, Jesus as man stands with one foot firmly planted on the earth while Christ as God awaits us on the far side of the final bridge, his eternal foothold established in Heaven where he ushers us in.

There will be no more need for bridges then, for we will at last be home.

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