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Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Faith, Family | 0 comments

True Love

I have grown up watching mom and dad smile at each other hug each other and hold on to each other. They have been musicians for over 50 years, all of my life that’s what I remember the most is seeing them on stage. Mom would play her guitar and sing and dad would play his violin. The last 6 weeks my dad who is 83 has been sick, he was diagnosed with cancer in the 4th stage and found throughout his body. He has come home with a feeding tube and mom is taking care of him. As I was setting there visiting yesterday, dad wanted to see if he could still play his fiddle and he wanted mom to sing a song they used to play called “Storms never last”. It was the hardest but most precious thing, dad played it so good. Mom started crying and stopped but she came back and they did it. I was so proud of them. Almost 50 years of true love through the good times and the bad, they have put their faith in God.



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