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Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Revival | 0 comments


God is in the business of restoring. Let me share with you a story:

I’ve had a brother that I wanted to get in contact with that I had never met and he lived a long ways away from me. I wrote letters to him to try to get to meet him. About 8 years ago he wrote me back and told me not to write anymore because he couldn’t handle this. You had dad all these years and I never did. I cried a lot after receiving pictures of him and my nephew that I had never met. Then to get this letter to not contact him anymore was hard. I sent him another letter and it came back non-deliverable so for the last 8 years I prayed long and hard about him and just this last year he came to see dad and I finally got to meet my brother, we have a great relationship. Dad and him have got to be restored after 40 years.

I talk to many people and I’m so surprised at the separations that the enemy has caused in families lives. Sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and the list goes on. Don’t give up! It had been 42 years and I finally got to meet my brother.

God can restore and bring you back to the ones you love.

Forgiveness is a great part of the restoration process, so forgive.

Your miracle could be any day now.

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