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Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 in Broken No More Series, Faith, Family | 0 comments

Broken No More

To All Who Are Burdened for their Loved Ones

This book, Broken No More, is dedicated to people everywhere who desire to see their spouse, their children, or friends living a free and joyous life serving the Lord. May God who provided me the grace and patience to see my husband completely free and living a joyous life give you a double portion of that same grace and patience in seeing your dreams fulfilled in the freedom of your loved ones.


There are tens of thousands of people in this world who are praying for their loved ones to be delivered from despair. Whether it’s a spouse, a child, a family member or friend, to simply tell you to be patient is not enough. You must pray as never before because this is a battle between the powers of darkness and the Savior of all men. Most of all, love them pray for them as you give them to God and stop trying to change them and be Jesus, because from what I have learned it just pushes them away. You’re asking yourself how can I leave them alone and just give them to God. I know it’s hard because you want the best for them you want it so much, more than anyone, just like I did for my husband. But I found out there is someone else and that is God.

Don’t constantly remind your loved one that they’re not living right. They know that better than you. They’re watching you live a Holy life, which only serves to make them want to find something wrong with you so they can point a finger at you and say, “See, you’re not so holy after all.” Keep on believing and living the life in front of them. If they see you all sad, wrung out and perplexed, they will have no reason to want to come to Christ. I remember talking to a relative of mine one time and she said “Why would she want what Christians have they are always fighting the devil and having all kinds of problems.” By faith we must live like the ones we love are already free and serving God.

The joy of the Lord is our strength, so everyday live joyfully and expectant of great things. It may be a simple statement, but it is so true… God is still the “I Am, that I Am.” I am the one who will be there for you and your loved one, so stop looking for someone else to talk to them, to get them to church. God has a way and trust me when I tell you, God has a way to get the job done. And when they do come to Christ it will be worth every bit of the wait.

If you have a friend, or family member that needs encouraging, order this book for them. I can relate with the heartache that they are experiencing. The difference in this book is that I have lived this and experienced it and I believe this book will build their faith and no matter how far your loved one is away from God there is hope, for nothing is impossible with God and what he will do for one he will do for another. When you get the book for your friend, or family member, pray over it like I have so these words can bring about hope and faith to their heart and life.

To read more, you can order a copy of the book here.

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