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Posted by on Dec 20, 2015 in Broken No More Series, Featured | 2 comments

Broken No More Book Release

Broken No More

Broken No More Book $15.99each
(including Priority S&H, tax where applicable)

Just released by Jeanie Waters, “Broken No More

Think you’ve been too broken to recover?

Satan had Denny by the throat … he was a drug addict and drank alcohol every weekend, and denied the existence of God. Denny was a bad sinner boy, and oh how the devil used that to make Denny an example of this with people in our town and with his friends! God, on the other hand, showed people in our town and Denny’s friends that he can take the worst of sinners and totally change them and set them free from a life of drugs, poverty and death, and in exchange give them a life of peace, joy and happiness.

I definitely can’t explain everything or even begin to tell you how God has restored our life together. It’s amazing to see how God can take someone so broken and full of sin and come into our lives and change us totally. Denny and I have come a long way; It’s almost unbelievable the change that has taken place in us. The temper Denny used to have would scare me, now I look at Pastor Denny and think he’s just a big ole’teddy bear. No more throwing things, no more cuss words, no more coming home to fights. I love to come home now and be with my husband and Godly family.

Now, I know we all have had disappointments and tragedies in life. We have had to hold on for the salvation of a loved one to the death of a family member, and there are things that just come without warning. Denny and I have also lost a son; and even today things will come into my mind that I didn’t even remember happening when he passed because we were in the grips of a horrible shock. All too often the grief of losing a child is so great that couples end up divorcing and of course, we were questioned if all was well with us. As all couples do, we had our issues and problems in dealing with this tragedy and many others.

I’ve also had a few personal comebacks from some of these devastating blows that life has thrown at me. And I’ve determined to share my stories with others because I want to help people achieve and grasp their own comeback story. “Broken No More” is a book full of real life stories that I believe will bring hope, encouragement and victory to you. Take these powerful lessons that I have learned and apply them to your own life and get real results. I believe it’s time for your brokenness and tragedies to be turned into triumph.

Jeanie Waters is a conference speaker and co-pastor with her husband Denny Waters at Resurrection Power Ministries in Harrison Ar. She is the host of the television show and radio programs “Broken No More.” Having lived through many adverse experiences Jeanie understands what it’s like to have to stand strong in what you believe. Her passion is to share her stories and vision to help people recover from their brokenness and once again reclaim happiness. There were times when she wanted to give up, but didn’t. If you are facing challenging life experiences, hang on Jeanie encourages you to fight the good fight of faith, and believe in the impossible!

Broken No More Book $15.99
(including Priority S&H, tax where applicable)

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  1. Jeanie, so happy that your book is now available. Can’t wait to read it. I pray that your book will be successful and God will bless you and will lead people the way to Jesus.

    • Thanks Linda, I appreciate your prayers. Enjoy the book. God Bless Jeanie.


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